now. here. this. on galaxy background

The Garden City High School Drama Department will present its annual Thespy Showcase and Chapter Select one Act Play entitled Now. Here. This. by Susan Blackwell, Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen for free on Saturday, December 17th at 6:00 p.m. in the GCHS Auditorium, 2720 Buffalo Way Blvd. Donations will be accepted at the door to help pay for student meals and snacks during the Kansas Thespian Festival held in January 2023.

The first act will be the Chapter Select One Act play. The department will compete at the Kansas Thespians Festival with this production for a chance to perform this show at the International Thespian Festival held in June 2023.

Now. Here. This. follows the evolution and adventures of a group of friends as they journey through time—from the present to the past and back again. They share their stories about friendship, hiding, laughing, living, dying and middle school in an attempt to step directly into theater elusive “present moment”: the Now. Here. This. Cast members are: Kyra Linenberger, Ryan Pilosof, Razel Quintero, Maria Sanchez, and Alex Terriquez (seniors); Katrina Almaguer, Georgia Fahrmeier, Hayley Loya, Santiago Rueda and Jasper Transfiguracion (juniors); and Danica Galia and Mackenzie Torres (sophomores). The production is directed by theater teacher, Alice Hilt. Nic Vigil (sophomore) is the stage manager. Production crew members are Madison Crow (sophomore), Shea Huber (junior) and Izzy Frey (sophomores).

The second act will feature performers who are competing with Thespys in acting and musical theater events at the Kansas Thespian Festival. If students receive a superior rating at the Kansas Thespian Festival, they qualify to compete at the International Thespian Festival held in June 2023. Thespy entries are: monologues-Silas Lobmeyer (sophomore), Chris Plisek (junior) and Phybee Madlangbayan (junior); group acting-Santiago Rueda (junior), Jasper Transfiguracion (junior) and Nic Vigil (sophomore); solo musical-Katrina Almaguer (junior), Danica Galia (sophomore), Kennedy Johnson (senior), Kyra Linenberger (senior), Hayley Loya (junior), Ryan Pilosof (senior), Maria Sanchez (senior) and Mackenzie Torres (sophomore); Duet musical-Georgia Fahrmeier (junior) and Razel Quintero (senior) and Annalise York and Raelee James-Crist (sophomores).

Students competing in Technical Theatre Thespys will have their work on display during the event and will explain their pieces before the show, during intermission and after the production. Students competing for a chance to attend the International Thespian Festival with Technical Thespys are: Stage Management-Madison Crow (sophomore) and Alex Terriquez (senior); Playwriting-Rylan Anderson (senior); Lighting Design-Shea Huber (junior); Set Design-Izzy Frey (sophomore); Make-up Design-Summer Dortch (junior) and Lexi Gomez (junior); Costume Construction: Dominic Centatiempo (freshman), Esme Corado (senior), and Joy Herring (junior).

The GCHS Drama program will also have its competition Lobby Display up for viewing. This year’s Kansas Thespian Festival Theme is Kansas Thespians Have a Dream. It is a Mamma Mia! inspired Lobby Display and shows the work of the GCHS Drama program during 2022.