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Welcome to TEP!

TEP Mission

To Provide an integrated model of mental health treatment and education in which significant emotional and behavioral needs of primary and secondary students are met.

TEP Objectives

To return students participating in the program to their regular school program as soon as therapeutically possible.

To serve children returning from hospital mental health programs who require a transition period within the community before returning to regular school programs.

To serve children experiencing serious emotional disturbance who:

  • Are not able to benefit from regular education
  • Are not able to benefit from special education services
  • Are not able to benefit rom outpatient mental health services
  • May be in need of hospital mental health treatment
  • Are able to be served through this community-based program

TEP Program Outcomes

  • Provide student mental health services
  • Provide family support
  • Establish trusting relationships
  • Provide successful experiences
  • Build basic academic skills
  • Promote self governance

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